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Which productivity method to use?

Maybe you have already heard about various productivity techniques such as Getting Things Done (GTD) or The Pomodoro Technique, but not sure which one can suit you best or don’t have time to compare.

There is a solution! 💡 Spend as little as 5 minutes to complete the quiz from the todoist.

It will give you a personalized recommendation based on your answers. Don’t worry it doesn’t collect any personal details, but only your style of work (or its absence) based on the answers given.

I’m not receiving any benefits from the referral program or anything similar but simply enjoy the todoist app. Once a friend of mine has given me this advice, so now it’s my turn.

Originally, when I’ve first taken the quiz a year ago, I was advised to try the Eat The Frog 🐸 technique, as the most simple productivity method to get the important things done first. And it helped me a lot to take control of my affairs.

Now, I’m changing my technique to Time Blocking 🕓 ✅

Because I’m able to do more tasks during the workday I noticed that I’m losing control of my schedule. After assessing the preferences and taking the mentioned quiz again with the new goals in mind, I was suggested with new productivity method.

It is perfect for anyone who works hard but finds themselves at the end of the day wondering what it is that they actually accomplished. It provides a powerful antidote to meetings, email, messages, busy work, and countless other workplace distractions and ensures that you’re making progress on what’s truly important.

Good luck with taking back control over your workday.

See ya!